The market is full of cam to cam links. If you are a beginner, it is best that you get a free cam to cam link first. Why? You will see that it will help you learn more about cams before you pay any money.


Why cam to cam links?

pon cam to cam links?

It is the easiest way to start out camming. It does not require any experience to cam with it. When you use the same cam on two different streams, you are able to know how your car behaves when both streams are active at the same time. It is possible to see what kind of performance you can expect when cams are used in real time in case of several streams at the same time.

The first step to be done in case of cam to cam links is to sign up for the free cam to cam link. You can do this easily online. When you are doing the registration, you have to provide your name and e-mail address.

After you register, you have to provide the name of the stream you are going to cam in. The name is the one you will be using in your camming broadcasts.


Enter your cam information

Enter your cam information

Make sure that your cam is ready to use. It is better to use an old car than to buy a new one since it will last longer. It is also recommended to buy one that has been tuned well.

You will have to enter your name. The name is the one you will be using in your camming broadcasts. Enter your cam’s serial number if you are new to cams. The serial number is the identification number of your cam.

Also, it is important that you set the right name and domain for your cam. So, when you get your cam, it should be ready to go with its name and domain already set. If you are buying one, you will need to purchase the domain first. When you buy a domain, you will also need to purchase the hosting.

Then, you have to enter the name of your domain. This is the name of your web site. You have to enter a unique and short domain name.

Finally, you have to choose your stream. It is important that you choose the one you want to use in camming. Choose it well, since it is the one that you will be using in the future. When you choose your stream, you will be guided well about the details of the stream.


You will have to enter your internet provider

The internet provider is one of the important aspects that will allow you to watch cams easily. Since it is important, it is best that you get one in order to make it easier.

You will also need to enter the full network that you will be using in camming. In case you do not know how to set up your network properly, it is important that you ask someone who knows it very well so you will not have any troubles.

After completing the basic information, it is now time to go to the register page. There, you have to enter the PIN you have used to sign up. After entering the PIN, you have to wait until it is confirmed by the system.

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